Kaminsky, Sullenberger & Associates

Kaminsky, Sullenberger & Associates (formally known as Kaminsky & Associates) is the foremost industry leader providing FTO (Field Training Officer, formally known as the FTEP or Field Training and Evaluation Program) related training and consulting in the nation.

Having more than 40 years of experience, Kaminsky, Sullenberger & Associates offers a variety of FTO related services; from assisting in the development of a legally defensible FTO program to basic training for FTOs to advanced training for experienced FTOs and the administration and management of successful FTO Programs.

Our partnership with Kaminisky, Sullenberger & Associates has allowed us to better understand the processes involved in creating and maintaining superior FTO software. We continue our close partnership with the primary goal of advancement of Public Safety training.

For further information please visit us at www.ksa-fto.com or call 303/358-9780

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