Frequently asked questions

Do we need to purchase any separate equipment to run this software?

No, all you need is Internet access.

Our department uses desktops, laptops and mobile phones. Will the software run on all these devices?

Yes, our software is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices (iPhone & Android).

Can we customize our various forms and reports to be specific to our department?

Yes. Our forms building feature allows us to mirror your department’s existing DOR’s, End of Phase, Critique Forms etc. You also have the ability to create any forms unique to your FTO/PTO program.

Can I compare officer in training performance?

Yes. The analytics report allows the FTO, Supervisor and Command Staff to view the performance of each officer in training through all phases as well how their performances compare to each other.

Can we still print reports?

Yes. You can print any of the reports subject to your administrative access.

Can officers in training evaluate their FTO?

Yes. The FTO critique form enables the officer in training to submit their evaluation after each phase or prior to completing the field training program.

Does this software include the ability to create and assign tests to each officer in training?

Yes. You can build a bank of questions which are selected at random for each recruit. Additionally, a report measures the percentage that any given question was answered either correctly or incorrectly. This feature enables the Coordinator to determine the validity of each question and to determine if more training is needed.

How much does the software cost?

The cost is based on the size of your department. Departmentware will provide an upfront turnkey price upon request.

How do we set up our department and train our personnel?

Departmentware customizes software based on your department’s FTO manual or the requirements you set forth. The entire process takes approximately 3 days once we have all of your forms and documents. We also provide unlimited training which is included in the turnkey price.

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